Large personal injury settlement awarded for asbestos case

A jury recently awarded a large personal injury verdict in an asbestos case. Readers will take interest in this case because, although this took place in another state, there are many North Carolina residents who have been affected by the dangers and health risks associated with asbestos exposure. The personal injury lawsuit was filed after the plaintiff contracted mesothelioma from asbestos.

The plaintiff was a man who worked as a mechanic for a period of time during the 1970s, during which he claims he was exposed to asbestos in brake linings. These brake linings were manufactured and distributed by Ford Motor Company and Pneumo Abex, the latter named as defendants in the lawsuit. Pneumo Abex was found responsible for failing to warn that their brake linings contained harmful parts.

Jurors determined that Pneumo Abex is financially responsible for the physical consequences of asbestos exposure. Ford Motor Company previously agreed to a settlement with the plaintiff. In order for a jury to determine that the plaintiff was entitled to financial relief, the plaintiff would have to present sufficient evidence to establish liability and to document the monetary losses that were sustained as a result.

Mesothelioma is a grave diagnosis that comes as a consequence of exposure from asbestos. Exposure to this dangerous material can happen in many types of industries and jobs, and asbestos victims are often unaware of legal options available. A personal injury suit could be an appropriate course of action for a North Carolina individual who has suffered because of exposure. When considering a civil claim, a professional evaluation can determine how to proceed.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, “Tampa jury awards nearly $37 million in asbestos case“, Aug. 29, 2014