Family recovers $14M in mesothelioma case

Mesothelioma is a terrible disease that impacts the lungs of individuals throughout the nation, including North Carolina. It is fatal and often tied to asbestos exposure that may have occurred decades before the disease is diagnosed. When that exposure is tied to an occupation someone once had, it may be possible for the person who is ill to recover damages in a lawsuit. The family of a man with mesothelioma, who lived in another state, recently succeeded in that endeavor.

The man died last year, not long after being diagnosed with the condition. Before he died his lungs were drained 11 times and collapsed 10 times. It is believed the mesothelioma is the result of nine years he spent working at a polyester plant.

Though the man died before the case went to trial it nonetheless continued. In the claim, it was alleged that while working at the polyester plant he did not receive any protections or warnings from asbestos. In the lawsuit he also claimed he was unaware of how dangerous exposure to asbestos can be.

Following trial, the jury found in favor of the man’s family. It determined the polyester fiber plant acted negligently in failing to provide protection or post warnings regarding the dangers associated with asbestos exposure. His family was awarded $14 million. Of that amount, actual damages totaled $12 million. The remaining $2 million was for punitive damages.

Because of the long period between exposure and the development of the disease, cases of this nature can be complicated. Accordingly it is important to work with a lawyer who has experience handling such cases.