ExxonMobil accused of ‘gross neglect’ in worker’s death

In our last blog post, we discussed the damages that may be awarded in wrongful death lawsuits. Recently, the surviving spouse of one man filed a lawsuit seeking these types of damages.

The woman claims that her late husband was employed by Mobil Oil before he died. During his time working for the company, the lawsuit states he was evidently exposed to harmful levels of asbestos. Sadly, he passed away in July and now his widow wants to hold the company responsible for his death and their allegedly gross negligence.

Details on this particular case are fairly sparse at this point, but what is known is that man was exposed to asbestos and developed mesothelioma. The lawsuit maintains that the exposure was the result of his employment, which is often the case when someone is diagnosed with an illness like mesothelioma.

Automotive industries in particular are frequent offenders when it comes to workers being exposed to asbestos. The fiber has been used and continues to be used in many different car parts. When people work to build, repair or replace parts on a vehicle that contain asbestos, there is a risk that dust and fibers disturbed during the process can be breathed in. At high levels, this can cause serious problems for people who are not protected from the airborne particles.

In some cases, this failure to protect workers is the result of a negligent employer. This is the claim made by the man’s widow in the recent lawsuit. She is seeking exemplary damages in light of gross negligence by ExxonMobil. Generally speaking, this means that a party failed to take reasonable precautions that could prevent a foreseeable injury. Courts can award these types of damage in an attempt to change bad behaviors and prevent similar instances from happening again.

If you or a loved one is in a situation similar to the one we have discussed in this post, it can be wise to examine your legal options for filing a civil claim. In order to do this, you can speak with an attorney familiar with asbestos litigation.

Source: SE Texas Record, “ExxonMobil hit with asbestos suit for man’s mesothelioma, death,” David Yates, Oct. 28, 2015