Even after abatement efforts, asbestos can still remain

Every property owner should be aware that asbestos in building materials has the potential to do serious damage to a person’s health if it is disturbed and released into the air. Once asbestos is airborne, the fibers can remain there for days making it very easy for people to unknowingly breathe m in or carry them offsite on their clothing.

Unfortunately, even when property owners take steps to have the asbestos removed, there can still be a risk of exposure if the abatement efforts are incomplete or in violation of state and/or federal regulations.

Improper removal efforts are not uncommon. In fact, there are regularly news stories about parties who get in trouble for not removing or disposing of asbestos properly.

For example, one company was recently named in a lawsuit alleging it violated environmental laws when it performed an abatement job. The company and its contractor evidently removed asbestos and then let the materials sit in trash bags and open boxes onsite. There were also contaminated materials found all around the building.

Regulations require asbestos to be removed, stored and disposed of in a very specific manner. Abatement workers should wet down asbestos, store it in sealed hazardous waste containers and label it before transporting it to a disposal facility that accepts asbestos-containing materials.

But like the company recently named in the lawsuit, there are many parties who fail to follow these and other rules when it comes to removing asbestos.

If you feel that asbestos was not properly removed from your property or if you work for a company that has failed to comply with asbestos abatement procedures, it can be crucial to discuss the situation with an attorney. Because of the damage that asbestos can do to a person’s health, addressing the issue sooner rather than later can be essential.

Source: WAND TV, “Demolition Contractor Sued for Improper Disposal,” Aug. 12, 2015