Does Talc Cause Cancer?

To help answer questions currently circulating about a possible connection between talc and ovarian cancer, our firm, Wallace & Graham, has published a SlideShare presentation for our white paper entitled, “Beyond The Headlines: What Do The Talcum Powder Cases Really Say?”

What the talcum powder cases really say from The Law Buzz

The notion that baby powder causes ovarian cancer gets attention. Recent cases have been filed against Johnson & Johnson around the country, claiming that the talc used in Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder has caused ovarian cancer. Also catching eyes are the nine-figure awards for plaintiffs.

The cases continue to be litigated and no outcome is certain yet. Cases are appealed and reconsidered, and not necessarily in favor of the cancer victims.

So what do these cases really say? Why is there confusion?

The white paper outlines the legal and factual issues at stake in these cases and points out possibilities for future rulings. The goal of the whitepaper, however, is not to solve the potential problems with talc as much as it is to inform you and your loved ones so you can set proper expectations in such matters.