Does forest bathing effectively treat mesothelioma?

Fighting back against mesothelioma can be a long, exhausting journey for any victim, as well those around them. Keeping the immune system of the victim strong is an important part of treatment, and many immune-boosting treatments may emerge from surprising places, such as the practice of “forest bathing” that has gained popularity in Japan over the last decade.

While western medicine and its insurance counterparts remain skeptical about the efficacy of many holistic or natural treatments, the practice is much more common in eastern medicine and many Japanese insurers even cover the practice as part of their policies.

If you or someone you love suffers from mesothelioma, you understand the importance of strengthening your immune system and reducing your stress levels. Forest bathing may provide unexpected relief on your journey, and it is one of the most cost-effective treatments available.

What is forest bathing?

In basic terms, forest bathing simply means spending an extended time in a forest. While this may seem like a non-scientific remedy to a serious illness, science has begun to validate some of the benefits of the practice.

When a mesothelioma victim spends time in a forest, they gain the benefits of fresh, clean air circulating through their body. Fresh air is not simply an antiquated cure-all, it is also free of many the pollutants that people encounter daily when living in a city, and it contains a number of substances that reduce stress in the body and potentially strengthen the immune system.

Research indicates that some of the benefits of forest bathing result from inhaling phytoncides, which are a part of forest plants’ natural defense systems. These substances travel through the air and are easily inhaled, much like vaporized essential oils.

It is important to recognize that forest bathing and other treatments that boost the immune system are typically most effective when used as a part of a larger treatment plan, not as a substitute for other types of medical care. While forest bathing may help a victim reduce their stress levels and discomfort or increase their immune response, most medical professionals recommend these treatments as supplements to a multi-part plan of care.

Protecting your recovery

Forest bathing may be a good tool in your fight against mesothelioma, but it should not be the only tool you use. If some other party is responsible for your illness, then you may need to file an injury claim against them. Make sure to use strong legal resources and guidance as you build a legal strategy to protect your rights, so that your focus remains on your own health and recovery.