Danger: Is there asbestos right next door?

Not knowing if asbestos is present in a particular location can be quiet frightening. Because asbestos is typically found in pipes, insulation and other building materials that are not usually visible, it is not always obvious to people that they are around the substance. This is why it is extremely important that property owners have the asbestos removed. They should also warn residents of the dangers associated with inhaling airborne asbestos fibers. If property owners fail to do either of these, they could be held responsible for any resulting damages in the form of a premises liability lawsuit.

Recently, a woman made the scary realization that she and her family had been living right next to a building with asbestos. It was only when a fire burned that building, and others, that she started seeing danger signs warning of the presence of asbestos in the burned down buildings. After the fire, debris and dust had covered the surrounding area, including the woman’s apartment.

Having no awareness that there wasbestos right next door, the woman took only minimal precautions after her children’s toys and bedrooms were covered with dust and debris. Additionally, her own roof collapsed in her apartment. Now, as she is still uncertain as to whether or not her own building contains asbestos, she does not know if – and to what extent – her family has been exposed.

Because she was not warned about the asbestos until it was too late, she is now fearful that they have been living in conditions that cause lung disease and cancer. It can take decades after exposure for symptoms of these illnesses to show up. Seeking both medical and legal support following possible asbestos exposure is recommended. This way, doctors can keep an eye on possible early warning signs. Negligent property owners can be held liable for these, and future, medical costs.

Source: KKTV, “Mother Makes Scary Discovery: Asbestos Next Door,” Kendra Potter, May 29, 2012