Company charged for asbestos violations

Despite the fact that people have known about how dangerous asbestos exposure is for decades, some negligent parties continue to put workers in danger by not properly warning and protecting them. Too many employers try to cut corners and costs by hiring uncertified employees to remove asbestos from existing buildings or failing to warn workers of the dangers associated with exposure. This puts workers all across the country at risk of developing a serious and potentially fatal asbestos-related disease.

One such employer in South Carolina is facing criminal charges after he allegedly exposed workers to asbestos during a construction project. According to reports, the owner of a company was involved in a renovation project that resulted in airborne asbestos being released on the premises, which also blew through neighboring beaches and parking lots.

Reports indicate that the owner of the company involved in the renovation allegedly failed to notify workers and residents in the area about the presence of asbestos. It is also alleged that they knew the building contained asbestos, but failed to take the required steps to report the asbestos or to properly protect workers from breathing in the dust.

Many of the workers affected by exposure will not know for years whether or not they have developed a disease caused by asbestos. It can take decades for symptoms to start showing, and by then there may be no effective treatment available. That is why many workers who have been recently exposed to asbestos may want to consider pursuing workers’ compensation benefits. This type of compensation can help workers have access to testing which can detect mesothelioma, lung cancer and other diseases sooner rather than later, when treatment may be more effective.

Source: Myrtle Beach Online, “Myrtle Beach condo tower renovation leads to criminal charges over asbestos pollution,” David Wren, July 10, 2013