Class actions will continue against Zantac manufacturers, distributors

Several drug companies tried to have the class-action lawsuits against them involving Zantac dismissed recently. However, a district judge ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, who claim that they suffered harm because of the carcinogenic ingredients in Zantac. The ruling allows the lawsuits to move forward – a sign of hope for thousands of other possible victims of the drug.

Zantac, cancer and litigation

Zantac, also known by its generic name, ranitidine, has been linked to several cases of cancer in its users. One of the drug’s ingredients, N-nitrosidimethalyne, is a known carcinogen. More than 800 class action lawsuits filed against several pharmaceutical companies allege that they concealed the danger of this ingredient in spite of several studies connecting it to cancer.

Although the pharmaceutical companies named in the suits petitioned to have the Zantac-related litigation dismissed, a federal judge in Florida issued separate rulings allowing the class actions to proceed. The companies affected by this ruling include:

  • Sanofi SA
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Pfizer Inc

The year 2019 saw a widespread recall of Zantac and its generic form. In 2020, the FDA ordered pharmaceutical companies to withdraw the products from the market. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands – perhaps millions – of consumers have already suffered irreversible harm.

A good sign for other survivors

The district court’s verdict is a positive result for the victims of cancer or other ailments caused by Zantac. It gives the plaintiffs of the existing lawsuits the chance of having their day in court against the powerful pharmaceutical companies that contributed to their pain. It also suggests that other victims who have not yet come forward have the hope of recovering compensation as well. Through the power of class action lawsuits, it may be possible to hold drug makers accountable for medical expenses, lost wages and other damages from taking Zantac.