Claire’s continues to dispute study’s findings of asbestos

A previous blog post discussed a recent case involving Claire’s, a nationwide chain of stores whose target market is girls aged three to 18. An investigation revealed the presence of asbestos in 17 of its makeup products, however the company disputed the findings. The North Carolina Scientific Analytical Institute (NCSAI) Director of Research and Legal Services stands behind the lab’s initial finding that Claire’s sold asbestos-containing products.

Although Claire’s announced that it would pull the products from the shelves, it also denied that its products contained tremolite asbestos as NCSAI claimed. The company stated that two certified independent lab results showed that the products were asbestos-free but did not respond to questions regarding the identity of those labs. Claire’s instead shared certificates of analysis from its supplier with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to support its claim that its products do not contain asbestos ingredients.

NCSAI was hired to test the products after a Rhode Island mother suspected that her six-year-old’s makeup kit might contain asbestos. The Director of Research and Legal Services claims that, through a process of elimination and based on his knowledge of minerals, he determined that talc was the asbestos-containing ingredient in the makeup products. Claire’s and NCSAI dispute each other’s testing methodologies and remain at odds over the matter.

Those who believe they developed a disease, such as mesothelioma, due to asbestos product exposure may wish to file a product liability lawsuit. Manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and retailers are all responsible for injuries caused due to their harmful products. Those injured may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering as well as other damages.

Source: Providence Journal, Scientist backs asbestos finding in Claire’s makeup products, Mark Reynolds, January 7, 2018