Beware the dangers of Zantac in children

Are you among the many parents in North Carolina and throughout the country whose child suffers from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)? Nothing can keep a child lying awake in discomfort at night more than a bad case of GERD. Perhaps you’ve tried using several types of medication under the advice and supervision of your pediatrician to try to alleviate your child’s discomfort.

Researchers have stated that there is strong evidence to suggest that some drugs used to treat GERD and heartburn have a connection to severe illnesses, such as stomach cancer. Current data shows that children who ingest drugs like ranitidine (known by its brand name, Zantac) may be at risk for adverse health conditions.

The FDA has requested a recall of ranitidine drugs

You may have given your child ranitidine (known by its brand name “Zantac”) for heartburn symptoms or symptoms associated with GERD at some point. Zantac is a histamine blocker. It reduces stomach acid and is known for alleviating heartburn discomfort. Zantac has been recalled because of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), an ingredient that is believed to be a human carcinogen.

The longer your container of Zantac sits on a shelf, the greater the risk that it could cause cancer due to an increased amount of NDMA, which occurs over time, especially when air temperatures are high. The federal government has recommended that people using Zantac stop taking it and seek medical advice for alternative options.

Many parents use Zantac or other prescription or over-the-counter medications when their child exhibits symptoms such as failure to gain weight, frequent nausea, hoarse throat or frequent vomiting at age six months or older. If your child has experienced these or other eating-related symptoms, you understand how disruptive it can be to his or her well-being.

Ranitidine drug injuries have prompted litigation throughout the country

Many consumers have contracted illnesses such as colorectal, pancreatic or stomach cancer after using Zantac. If you have to take time off work because you or your child has become ill, and medical bills are piling up, emotional and financial distress may intensify the pain and discomfort of the illness.

Many people who have suffered from such issues after taking ranitidine drugs have sought justice in court by filing personal injury claims. Such cases typically focus on manufacturer negligence regarding production and distribution of products that contain ingredients that are known to be dangerous to human health.