Asbestos exposure sends city hall workers home

Asbestos exposure can be extremely dangerous. As many of our readers know, today, many people live with mesothelioma that was caused by asbestos exposure decades ago. Unlike many other conditions, mesothelioma takes a long period of time — sometimes as long as 40 years — to become noticeable in a patient. Because no amount of asbestos is safe to be around, it is imperative that all companies in North Carolina and elsewhere ensure that their workers, customers and others are not at risk of exposure.

Earlier this week, a city hall building in the town of Racine, Wisconsin, was shut down because of asbestos that became exposed inside the building. According to the mayor, a construction issue caused the exposure on Monday, but no one noticed until Tuesday. Workers were sent home, and city hall was closed through Wednesday for removal.

Although officials took the right steps in this case by closing the building to workers and local residents, it is still possible that employees or residents were exposed to asbestos dust on Monday or Tuesday before the building was closed. The building will remain closed until the proper testing has been conducted and the building is found to be safe.

In a situation like this, most people may think they are fine. However, even small amounts of asbestos exposure can lead to serious health problems later in your life. If you believe you have been exposed to asbestos — whether as an employee or customer — it is important to talk to a doctor and then consider seeking legal advice.

Source: WISN, “Racine closes City Hall due to asbestos incident,” Mike Anderson, Feb. 25, 2014