Asbestos exposure increases risk of death

In Rowan, asbestos related diseases have led to a significant number of individuals who were negatively affected by the substance choosing to file asbestos litigation. Those who have been subject to asbestos exposure or have had a family member grow ill as a result of it are increasingly seeking compensation for illness from asbestos.

Three men represented a company that hired high school students to remove asbestos. The victims faced the men during a federal trial for their actions. The original intention of hiring the men was to provide training for high school students. Rather than create a safe work environment, the students were instead put at risk for asbestos-related disease. The men had the students breaking up asbestos infested insulation and tiles using basic tools, without proper protective clothing or adequate training. The students are concerned that they could be vulnerable to asbestos-related disease or that they might have exposed family members to health risks. They are already suffering from health problems they claim as a result from the asbestos exposure.

Asbestos and fatal asbestos exposure has ruined many lives. Victims and families of victims who had no idea they were being put at risk for asbestos-related disease are using asbestos litigation to recover compensation from those responsible. Prior to it being outlawed, companies did not spend the money to protect workers from asbestos, even though it was known to be a dangerous substance. Now asbestos is known to be a cause of deadly disease, and it can take many years for the issues to manifest themselves. Companies and individuals who knowingly exposed workers to illness are frequently being confronted with asbestos litigation.

The above case involves a company that was hired to help give work experience to high school students. Rather than do what they were hired to do, the company chose to put the students in serious danger of long-term illness from asbestos. People who have been put in similar jeopardy should consider speaking to an attorney familiar with asbestos litigation.

Source: Merced Sun-Star, “Asbestos exposure victims in Firm Build case speak out in court,” Victor Patton, Dec. 20, 2013