Asbestos exposure at elementary school

Fatal asbestos exposure is an increasing problem in Rowan due to the presence of asbestos in numerous places and products. Asbestos exposure can occur in many different ways. The substance leads to many diseases of the lungs, including mesothelioma, lung cancer and others.

An elementary school was found to have asbestos in its walls. The school was constructed in 1977, and the discovery of asbestos was made as tests are being performed in many districts to see if there is asbestos present. A test was conducted to see if asbestos was in the air at the school, but it came up negative. There will be a meeting to answer people’s questions about this discovery, and no date has been set for it yet.

Asbestos was a commonly used substance for many different purposes for many years before it was found to be dangerous. Miners of the substance, industrial workers, members of the military and others were in contact with asbestos and, as a result, became ill with asbestos-related disease. Some companies behaved in an improper manner by failing to remove the asbestos and for not informing those who might have been exposed of its long-term danger. Illness from asbestos can take from 10 to as many as 50 years to show themselves. An increasing number of people who have gotten ill or had loved ones who died due to asbestos-related disease are filing asbestos litigation to receive compensation.

In this case, the asbestos was found in an elementary school built in 1977. That is a long time for people to have potentially been in the presence of asbestos and to have breathed it in. Those who believe that they may be suffering from asbestos-related disease after being in the school would be smart to consider talking to a lawyer about asbestos litigation.

Source: KHOU, “Deep Wood Elementary tests positive for asbestos,” Feb. 5, 2014