2 men convicted of illegally dumping asbestos-contaminated debris

Readers of this blog need no reminder that asbestos is a dangerous and even deadly material. Exposure to this once-popular insulation material can cause a number of serious medical conditions including mesothelioma.

That’s why, in addition to banning the use of asbestos in the United States, federal laws also dictate standards for the safe handling, removal and disposal of asbestos. Those in the construction or demolition industries who ignore these standards do so at the risk of public health.

As a good example of this, two men were recently sentenced in federal court for illegally dumping thousands of tons of construction/demolition debris into the Mohawk River as well as onto a plot of land in upstate New York. The men had been dumping the waste for months as part of a five-year plan to secretly transport demolition and construction debris from New Jersey and dispose of it on this open property.

Some of the approximately 400 truckloads that were dumped contained debris contaminated with asbestos. Much of the waste was deposited in and around water. Commenting on the case, the acting assistant attorney general said that the two men “endangered the health of both their fellow citizens and sensitive wetlands by violating numerous laws meant to ensure the proper disposal of toxic materials.”

Americans have known about the dangers of asbestos exposure for decades. And yet, innocent victims are exposed to this deadly material each year because of people like these two men who care more about turning a quick profit than they do about the health and safety of others.

If your health has suffered because you were unknowingly exposed to asbestos, you may wish to speak to an experienced attorney who specializes in helping asbestos and mesothelioma victims.

Source: Ring Of Fire, “Two Men Dump Asbestos-Contaminated Material into NY River,” Alisha Mims, Aug. 7, 2013