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Whether you were exposed to asbestos in Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville or anywhere in Tennessee, it is important to consult with an attorney who knows how mesothelioma litigation works in your state. Wallace & Graham, P.A. has a proven record of success obtaining successful verdicts and settlements for asbestos victims from Tennessee, throughout the Southeast and across the nation.

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Tennessee Mesothelioma Claims

In Tennessee and elsewhere, the dangers of asbestos exposure were well documented long before the substance was banned from construction. Many companies knew of the dangers of asbestos, but nonetheless allowed their workers to be exposed. Since it was cheaper to pay off diseased workers than to implement safety measures, these companies decided to cut corners in pursuit of greater profits. These harmful policies have caused many people to suffer from mesothelioma, asbestosis, lung cancer and other asbestos-related diseases.

Helping Victims in Tennessee

In handling Tennessee mesothelioma cases, our attorneys work to identify the source of asbestos exposure, in order to identify liable parties and help our clients qualify for workers’ compensation and other benefits. While malignant mesothelioma is not curable, timely treatment can significantly ease the symptoms and prolong life.

Partners Bill Graham and Mona Lisa Wallace have nearly 40 combined years in mesothelioma litigation, supported by a dedicated team of experienced lawyers, paralegals and support staff.

Our No. 1 concern is ensuring that clients get proper diagnosis and timely medical treatment.

Call 888-698-9975 or contact us online for your free case evaluation. We represent clients from Tennessee, North Carolina, throughout the Southeast and nationwide.

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