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June 2014 Archives

Victims of asbestos exposure awarded $25 million

The families of two men were likely quite relieved with a recent verdict announced by a state Supreme Court jury recently. After four weeks of hearing testimony and deliberating for two days, the jury determined that the two men who had worked with asbestos-containing products would receive a total of $25 million for the past and future pain and suffering of the two men who had developed mesothelioma.

Lawsuit: Man exposed to numerous toxic substances at railroad job

It has long been known that certain dustries put workers at a greater risk for developing an asbestos-related illness, from train manufacturers to construction to the U.S. military. These industries have a long and upsetting history of exposing workers to asbestos and failing to take adequate steps to protect the men and women working with the toxic material. 

Man found guilty of exposing teen worker to asbestos

A young worker and his family were likely devastated to learn that the teen had been exposed to asbestos while working for a 43-year-old plumber. The young man had been hired by the plumber to complete work in an old home removing materials that contained asbestos.

North Carolina statute cited in bad water claims at Camp Le Jeune

A North Carolina statute that limits the time in which claims can be made for injuries caused by the deposit of toxic chemicals and substances has been cited by the Obama administration in an effort to terminate litigation involving allegations of toxic chemicals in the drinking water at Camp LeJeune. The law bars all law suits that are filed more than ten years after the occurrence of the last act of contamination. The law suit in question concerns contaminated drinking water, but the plaintiffs' lawyers have argued that the ten-year limitation period, called a "statute of repose," should not prevent claims for diseases that have long latency periods, i.e., diseases in which symptoms may not appear until decades after the last exposure to a hazardous material or chemical.

Study: Women have higher mesothelioma survival rates than men

Mesothelioma is a devastating condition that can turn any victim's life upside down. The illness is aggressive and a diagnosis typically comes years or even decades after a person has even been exposed to asbestos, which is generally named as the cause of mesothelioma. However, a recent study suggests that men in particular have lower five-year survival rates than women, suggesting that there may be a number of factors related to asbestos exposure that can affect people differently.

Plaintiff attorneys fight back in battle over Garlock discovery

The continuing battle over documentary evidence in the Garlock Sealing Technologies, LLC bankruptcy took another turn in North Carolina bankruptcy court. Several weeks ago, the bankruptcy judge ruled that a committee of plaintiffs' attorneys willfully hid evidence showing that many claims for asbestos victims had been inflated. Relying on this evidence, the judge reduced Garlock's obligation to the plaintiffs from $1.25 billion to $125 million. Now, the plaintiffs' lawyers are claiming that Garlock willfully suppressed evidence that officials long had knowledge of the carcinogenic effects of asbestos.

Uncle's company can be held accountable for nephew's mesothelioma

When someone is diagnosed with an asbestos-related illness, he or she typically wants to know what or who is to blame for the devastating condition. This can be a difficult for a victim or loved ones to do alone, especially when they should be focused on getting care and providing support to a victim.

Victims and family members face challenges in asbestos lawsuits

There are a number of reasons why many people may be hesitant to take legal action when it comes to asbestos-related illnesses. It can certainly be overwhelming, confusing and intimidating and many people may not understand what rights they have. However, working through the process of filing a lawsuit and pursuing compensation can be much easier with the help of an attorney.

Jury: Brake pad manufacturer to pay $10.9 million

The family of a man who died in 2013 after being diagnosed with mesothelioma was likely quite relieved recently when a jury returned a verdict in the case they had filed against the maker of automotive brake pads and linings. The jury awarded a total of $10.9 million to the family, finding that Bendix, now Honeywell International Inc., should be held accountable for the man's illness and subsequent death.

New study documents life-long risk of contracting mesothelioma

Most people in North Carolina are aware that the causal relationship between exposure to asbestos and the lung cancer known as mesothelioma has long been a demonstrated medical fact. However, no one could say whether the risk of contracting mesothelioma lessens or perhaps disappears with the passage of time. This question has now been answered: A recent medical study has now shown that once a person is exposed to asbestos fibers, the risk of contracting mesothelioma never declines or disappears.

Pursuing workers' compensation after exposure to asbestos

Getting sick or injured on the job can be a very upsetting experience, especially when a person's condition is irreversible. A person can be prevented from working for weeks, years or even indefinitely, which can be traumatic for the victim and his or her family who depend on those wages. Without an income, people can find it nearly impossible to make ends meet, pay bills and secure medical treatment for the condition that prevents a person from working.

NC proposed legislation could change how asbestos cases heard

North Carolina legislators are considering passing a bill that could impact the manner in which asbestos-related lawsuits are tried. The aim of the bill is purportedly to provide more transparency when it comes to asbestos bankruptcy trusts in relation to products liability matters.


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