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Which Common Products Contain Talc?

Many different products on the market contain the mineral talc in various forms. Because the pulverized form of talc (called “talcum powder”) is so good at absorbing water and odors, and because its slippery properties reduce friction, it has a wide range of applications.

Here are some of the most common products that contain talc:

  • Body powder – Johnson & Johnson’s product called Shower to Shower is one of the best selling types of deodorizing body powder that contain talc. Many people have used this product to smell fresh and clean, little realizing that it could be causing irreversible harm.
  • Cosmetics – Talcum powder is a primary ingredient in many forms of makeup, including blush, eye shadow and powdered foundation. In addition, it is sometimes used along with mascara to produce the appearance of thicker eyelashes.
  • Baby powder – Over the years, many mothers have used talcum powder to reduce or prevent diaper rash. The powder keeps the baby’s bottom dry, which in turn prevents the rash. (Today, there are many nontalc options available.)
  • Dry shampoo – Talcum powder’s absorbent properties make it a popular way to absorb oils on the scalp. Likewise, it is sometimes used to deodorize dogs and other pets without the inconvenience of giving them actual baths.
  • Grease remover – Talcum powder can be sprinkled on grease stains on clothing. Once the clothing is washed, the stain typically disappears.

Talc is also found in certain kinds of ceramics, papers, plastics, foods, medicines and many other products. However, the powdered form of talc is the most dangerous, since the small particles can easily be breathed in or absorbed by the body. Studies link the substance to cancer.

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