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The Link Between Talc And Asbestos

You’re probably aware of the dangers of asbestos. You know that it was once thought of as a safe, fire-retardant mineral, but now we know that long-term exposure can cause mesothelioma — a particularly deadly type of cancer.

You may have also heard of the dangers of talcum powder. In fact, you may have seen the recent news stories about the women who have been awarded hundreds of millions of dollars after developing ovarian cancer.

However, did you know that asbestos and talcum powder are sometimes connected? At Wallace & Graham, P.A. in North Carolina, we are well-aware of this fact. Our lawyers are also aggressive and caring advocates for people who have suffered from exposure to such toxic substances. Let us explain your rights and options today.

It’s In Products You Would Never Expect

Surprise! Talcum powder is simply a pulverized version of talc, a mineral that is often found in the same locations as asbestos. This means that many of the talc mines are contaminated with asbestos.

While we would all hope that manufacturers would test their products to make sure they are free from asbestos, the sad truth is that some manufacturers care far more about profit than about your health.

Our law firm has found asbestos-containing talcum powder in barber shops, in aerosol foot powders, in makeup kits marketed to little girls and in many other products.

Do You Have A Case? Contact Us And Find Out.

Learn more about the compensation you may deserve if you were injured by repeated exposure to talcum powder or asbestos. It costs you nothing to talk with an attorney in a free consultation. Call Wallace & Graham, P.A. in Salisbury at 800-849-5291. You can also contact us online.

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