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Are talc products as dangerous asbestos products?

We often discuss the dangers that asbestos exposure can have on victims on this blog. The risks of asbestos have been known for decades, yet people are still developing illnesses and dying from other people's negligence with using the fiber in products. In many cases, victims have been able to file product liability claims against manufacturers who are held responsible for the damage that their products can do to consumers.

Diesel fumes may be as deadly asbestos exposure

For decades now, it has been known that certain jobs and industries put workers in danger of being exposed to asbestos. People in the Navy, construction workers, plumbers, railroad employees and mechanics are among those jobs that put workers at risk. Now, however, truckers and others in the auto industry may be added to that list. A recent announcement explains that diesel exhaust is as dangerous and carcinogenic asbestos.

Man survives climb to top of Mount Everest dies of mesothelioma

Imagine you make the climb all the way to the summit of Mount Everest and become deathly ill from oxygen deprivation and are left for dead, only to be rescued a day later and you survive the ordeal. An Australian mountaineer survived that very harrowing experience in 2006 only to die of mesothelioma several years later at the young age of 56. He had been diagnosed with the devastating disease only one year prior to his death.

Arts center expansion halted over possible asbestos contamination

When we think of our local fine arts center, we imagine a beautiful painting or moving concert that we might have seen while visiting. Dealing with an asbestos contamination is probably not the first connection we make with a fine arts center. However, construction crews have found asbestos while expanding an Idaho arts building.

Part 1: Is there another lesser-known culprit causing mesothelioma?

In the previous post, we saw how exposure to asbestos can lead to a disease known as mesothelioma. But recently concern has been raised over another mineral that may also cause mesothelioma: erionite.


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