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Who needs to clean up the asbestos?

Residents of a New Jersey township are gridlocked with local officials about the cleanup of a demolished hospital that reportedly poses an asbestos hazard. The site contains piles of construction debris, some of which contain asbestos according to EPA reports. The owner of the facility may face premises liability claims if nearby residents become sickened or injured. Asbestos is known to cause a deadly form of lung cancer called mesothelioma.

School takes proper precautions for asbestos

More often than not, an organization who improperly deals with asbestos makes the news. Typically, they have failed to notify residents or workers of the toxic substance or they did not remove the asbestos safely. In some cases, though, it is the efficiency and accuracy of a response that makes the news. In many situations, organizations want to prevent personal injury resulting from exposure to asbestos.

Products with asbestos mistakenly accepted at nonhazardous site

Handling materials that contain asbestos properly is very important. Many demolition or waste companies have procedures in place that ensure the materials are handled safely and properly. When these procedures do not exist, however, people may unknowingly mishandle dangerous products that contain asbestos.

Protecting workers who remove asbestos

There are a number of accredited businesses in North Carolina who specialize in removing asbestos from a property. It is up to property owners to have asbestos properly removed by a legitimate, trained group of people to keep people safe. However, it is up to companies to make sure employees are properly trained in asbestos removal. If they are not, workers can be fatally exposed to asbestos and may have cause to file a worker's compensation case. In some areas around the country, additional steps are being taken to protect these workers.

Two men indicted for asbestos contamination

A homeowner hired a heating contractor to replace the boiler in a rental property he owned. During the project, neither of the men followed proper procedure for removal of asbestos - a dangerous material. Additionally, neither of the men notified the Department of Environmental Protection when the asbestos was being removed.

Report: EPA exhibits unsafe techniques in asbestos removal

The process of removing asbestos from a building can be very dangerous. The fact that asbestos can easily be disturbed and inhaled makes the protocol for the removal of it quite stringent. While many cases of personal injuries that are sustained after asbestos exposure can be linked to improper removal techniques, even the most cautious companies can still expose workers to the toxic fiber.

Asbestos can still be lingering in old homes

Old houses are not only abundant in North Carolina, but throughout the country, and substances used to build those homes have the potential to cause lung diseases and mesothelioma. Now, it is being recommended home owners should check their place of residence and make sure there is no risk of dealing with a potential premises liability.

Improper disposal of asbestos violates federal Clean Air Act

In past weeks, we have discussed those who have been victims of asbestos exposure on the job. Whether they are firefighters or construction workers, many people have developed lung cancer after being exposed to the toxic fiber, due primarily to their line of work. However, another significant cause of exposure can be linked to improper disposal of asbestos.

"Wet" demolition method may threaten health and safety

We have recently discussed a number of developments in the removal of asbestos, such as pipe bursting. Business and property owners are aware of the danger that can be caused by exposure to asbestos, so removal of the fiber must be done responsibly. Since the removal can be quite costly, some business owners look to new methods to save some money. However, the newer methods of removal are frequently unsuccessful. A process called the "wet" method is no exception.

Asbestos-removal company defies court order to protect employees

The removal of asbestos from a building can be a costly and dangerous necessity. Buildings that are found to have asbestos can cause harm to those who live or work inside, so it must be removed responsibly. Many people will hire an asbestos-removal company to dispose of the toxic material. It was recently discovered, however, that an employer at one of these removal companies has knowingly exposed vulnerable employees to asbestos.


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