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Job training program for students leads to asbestos litigation

Most North Carolina readers are likely aware of the dangers of asbestos and the health issues that it can cause. Because of this, federal law requires that asbestos removal be performed by trained individuals who have the proper equipment and gear to prevent exposure. Anyone who violates this law may be subject to federal prosecution and civil asbestos litigation. In an out-of-state case, three men who ran a job training program now face civil suits by former students who claim that they unknowingly removed asbestos materials during a building renovation.

Over 100 stadium workers file claims of asbestos exposure

One of the devastating realities associated with asbestos exposure is that it very rarely only affects one person. When asbestos is found in a building, which is very common considering the fact that the fiber was widely used in construction materials until the 1980s, many people have likely come into contact with it before anything is done to remedy the situation. Any number of builders, tenants, visitors and workers who have spent a substantial time in a building without proper protection from airborne asbestos can end up developing a devastating disease from this exposure.

Media outlets struggle to report on asbestos lawsuits

We expect news sources to be objective and include facts about the stories that affect us. However, news is not always black and white, and neither is the coverage. This may be the case as some news outlets struggle to report on the hundreds of thousands of asbestos claims and wrongful death lawsuits that have been filed in recent years.

A closer look at asbestos lawsuits and injury claims

Millions of people have been sickened by asbestos for many years now. Because its use was not regulated until the late 1980s, people working around the toxic fiber up until that point were often unprotected and unaware of the risks of exposure. While companies did little to protect workers back then, some are wasting no expense now when it comes to denying the claims from injured workers and challenging the cases against negligent employers.

Shipyard worker awarded compensation for asbestos exposure

Workers who were employed at shipyards were at an extremely high risk of being exposed to asbestos between the 1940s and the 1970s. Hundreds of thousands of shipbuilders were tasked with using asbestos as insulation and fireproofing in more than 300 types of materials that were then used on ships. This level of exposure, combined with the severe lack in protection provided to workers, meant that many of these men and women developed serious or fatal asbestos-related diseases.

Unsafe asbestos removal punished by jail time

Asbestos was once used frequently for insulation and for wrapping wires. Since it was found by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to be dangerous to human health, the substance was banned. Exposure to any amount can lead to serious lung problems. Negligence during building demolition and renovations can happen anywhere, including North Carolina, leaving workers and businesses liable to the devastating consequences asbestos exposure can have on people.

Company's demand for autopsy rights denied

A man is suing a number of companies for causing his mesothelioma by exposing him to asbestos. In an unprecedented move, one of the companies involved in the personal injury lawsuit asked the trial judge to grant an order authorizing the company to conduct an autopsy on the man, believing that he might die before trial.

Great-grandfather receives six-figure sum for asbestos exposure

Receiving a diagnosis of mesothelioma or another asbestos-related cancer can be devastating. Often times, adults are grown with children and even grandchildren when they learn they were exposed to the toxic fiber decades ago.

Is a brake shoe grinder the cause of asbestos exposure?

Up until the late 1980s, asbestos was used in all kinds of materials from insulation to brake pads. This is a well-known fact. However, going back and determining what products were handled in determining the source of asbestos exposure can be difficult. In order to figure that out, it may take some significant legal assistance. Recently, victims of asbestosis were able to reinstate their lawsuits against a company they claim is responsible for their exposure.

Court overturns record-setting $322 million verdict

Last year, a judge ruled that one man would receive $322 million for damages related to asbestos. It was the largest amount awarded to a single plaintiff in the United States. Unfortunately, the company that was sued appealed the decision and the case was retried. On the second round, the company won their case. How could this happen?


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