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Posts tagged "Wrongful death"

Could asbestos have been a factor in the death of Donna Summers?

Reports of the death of Donna Summer saddened her fans across the world. The "Queen of Disco" recently passed away after losing the battle with lung cancer. In the aftermath of her death, some are wondering if asbestos exposure was a factor in the singer's untimely passing.

Harsh statute of limitations denies justice to man's widow

An Arizona appeals court has denied a widow the right to sue in the state for her husband's wrongful death. He died of mesothelioma, which is a lung disease often contracted from breathing in asbestos fibers. In this case, he breathed in those fibers while working in a power plant, and his widow sought damages from the designers of the facility.

Railroad workers sue BNSF Railway for negligence

Railroad workers are among those who have very likely been exposed to dangerous levels of asbestos. Previously used to protect trains from the extreme heat generated during operation, asbestos was responsible for causing the wrongful death of many railroad workers. Recently, seven injured railroad workers filed a suit against their former employer for exhibiting negligence on the job.

The third wave of asbestos victims include 'bystanders'

Reported cases of mesothelioma and other lung diseases associated with asbestos exposure continue to climb. One reason for this might be the fact that there can be a 40 year gap between exposure and visible symptoms. Because asbestos was commonly used until about 20 years ago, many people are now beginning to be diagnosed with fatal diseases. Some of these victims may have been kids at the time of exposure and may be considered part of the "third wave" of sufferers.

Man survives climb to top of Mount Everest dies of mesothelioma

Imagine you make the climb all the way to the summit of Mount Everest and become deathly ill from oxygen deprivation and are left for dead, only to be rescued a day later and you survive the ordeal. An Australian mountaineer survived that very harrowing experience in 2006 only to die of mesothelioma several years later at the young age of 56. He had been diagnosed with the devastating disease only one year prior to his death.

Wife dies from mesothelioma, never visited worksite

A wrongful death suit is now pending in British courts after a 56-year-old British woman died from continuous exposure to asbestos on her husband's clothing. Her husband was a construction worker whose jobs involved sweeping the asbestos yard and moving large sheets of the substance.

Jury divides money in asbestos settlement among split family

A jury has made a final decision in the division of more than $443,000 in settlement benefits from a 1990s asbestos lawsuit. The division of funds was complicated by several family splits, which prompted official review of beneficiaries in this wrongful death case.

Wife sues 19 companies for her husband's wrongful death

People may be exposed to asbestos without ever working in a job that directly exposes a person to asbestos. In some cases, a person can be exposed if a family member worked around the toxic material. It can be common that people who worked in certain dustries carried asbestos particles home with them. Inhaling these particles can cause the wrongful death of an employee or one of his or her family members.

Mesothelioma cancer research offers hope

A recently published research report offers hope to patients suffering from mesothelioma and other lung diseases which so often cause wrongful death. In it, cancer researchers from the University of Pennsylvania indicate that they have achieved a breakthrough in discovering a type of cold virus which mobilizes a person's immune system to combat mesothelioma cancer and a few other types of cancer when injected into the body.


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