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Delayed impact of asbestos killing many victims

While federal regulations have limited employees' ongoing exposure to toxic asbestos in the workplace, the impact of earlier laxity lingers on. In North Carolina and elsewhere, asbestos exposure still is a killer causing wrongful death and devastating illnesses including cancers and respiratory ailments.

Widow of mesothelioma victim pleads for support, information

A diagnosis of mesothelioma can be devastating for victims of the deadly disease and their families. Current medical resources cannot always identify the cancer early enough for treatment to be effective, so often times, mesothelioma patients pass away shortly after learning that they are ill. Many victims and their families may therefore shy away from taking legal action against the company responsible for conditions that caused the disease. However, a delay in holding companies accountable for their reckless actions may prove to be a costly mistake in the end.

Asbestos poses a severe risk to public health

While asbestos is present in the air and everyone breathes some in from the ambient air, the problem comes when someone is exposed to concentrated levels of the toxic substance over a period of time. The most common way that this occurs is through occupational exposure in which employees are in the presence of asbestos day after day in their work environment. When this occurs, in North Carolina or elsewhere in the nation, it often leads to injury or wrongful death from such diseases as mesothelioma.

Research uncovers new biomarker to detect mesothelioma earlier

One of the most devastating characteristics about asbestos-related diseases is that they are often caught too late to treat effectively. In most cases, people who have developed the deadly disease don't know they have it until 10 to 50 years after exposure to asbestos, which is the primary cause of mesothelioma. Once detected, tragically, there is little that doctors can do.

Widow of mesothelioma victim has message: Don't give up

After watching her husband suffer through mesothelioma before passing away, a widow finally won her fight against the company responsible for his death. Despite the lengthy and difficult legal process she faced, the woman is urging other victims and their families to never give up in the fight against negligent companies when it comes to asbestos exposure.

Canada finally agrees to designate asbestos as hazardous material

The Canadian government has made an important concession recently that will likely have a worldwide impact. Until 2003, Canada was responsible for the production of about one-third of all the asbestos in the world. Because of this position, the Canadian government previously opposed the move to officially add asbestos to an international list of hazardous materials.

Premises liability question arises in toddler's church day care death

In general, day-care centers in North Carolina run by religious organizations may have protections that other day-care providers do not based upon the separation of church and state. This means that faith-based day care providers normally do not have to comply with safety regulations that are required in order to keep children safe.

Mining company at fault in worker's wrongful death

In what may seem like a landmark victory for mine and factory workers exposed to toxic chemicals, a company has been found 100 percent liable for a worker's exposure to asbestos fibers and his ultimate death from mesothelioma. The company is responsible for a $2.86 million award to the worker's family. However, this case illustrates the plight of mine and factory workers in North Carolina and throughout the United States, as millions of these workers over the last several decades have been unknowingly exposed to asbestos, and many of them eventually will suffer the ravages of this swift and deadly disease.

Man dies from asbestos-related disease

People can suffer from a number of devastating and fatal diseases after being exposed to asbestos. Besides mesothelioma, which is a cancer of the linings of the lungs, people can also suffer from asbestosis, lung cancers and pleural plaque. Many of these diseases are very aggressive. In the event that a person dies from an asbestos-related disease, families may be able to file a wrongful death against the party responsible for exposure.

Finding the link between taconite and mesothelioma

People who live in the Iron Range of Minnesota may be disheartened by recent research into why so many of them are dying from mesothelioma. The study has confirmed that residents in the area are at a much higher risk of developing the fatal disease, but so far, they are unable to confirm why this is. They do know that mesothelioma is only caused by exposure to certain airborne fibers such asbestos. Finding this link in the Iron Range, therefore, is critical.


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