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Premises Liability Archives

Residents near shipyards disproportionately affected by asbestos

We have discussed how workers in certain occupations can be much more affected by exposure to asbestos than others. For many years, people in North Carolina and all across the world were working in jobs where they breathed in or came into contact with asbestos without proper protection or warnings by employers. 

Claim: Children made 'snowballs' out of asbestos at plant

When we read about the victims of asbestos exposure, we may notice that many of them are older, retired and perhaps enjoying time with their grandchildren or even great grandchildren. This is because people who developed asbestos-related illnesses often did so after working at companies for many years where asbestos was present, and it can take decades for people to be diagnosed with mesothelioma or other asbestos-related diseases. By the time a person learns that he or she has developed a terminal illness, it may be 50 years after they were exposed.

Asbestos released into the air after dangerous fire

Many buildings around North Carolina were built using products that contained asbestos. So even though it was not widely used after the 1980s, it still exists in many homes and buildings today. It is in the roof, the insulation, plumbing and even floor tiles. But too many property owners assume that asbestos poses no threat if it is not undisturbed. But there is still a very serious risk associated with having asbestos on a property.

Report: Students never warned about asbestos in dorm rooms

Living or working in a building that you do not own has a fair share of perks. You don't have to worry about code violations, cleaning up spills on the site, fixing broken equipment or dealing with complaints from tenants. However, there are a fair number of building owners who do not take these and other ownership responsibilities seriously and their negligence can end up seriously hurting those inside the building.

200 people in school may have been exposed to airborne asbestos

Many people often consider a school to be among the safest places for young people to be. We generally expect that these buildings are built and maintained properly by people who understand how important it is to protect the health and wellbeing of young children and staff members inside. However, a recent discovery in a school shows just how dangerous these buildings can be if they are not maintained appropriately.

Police officers confront dangerous suspect: asbestos

No one wants to live or work in an unnecessarily dangerous place. People want to feel safe and know that they are aware of any potential hazards in their home or workspace and deal with those situations accordingly. But sometimes we discover an unexpected and unwelcomed hazard that has been potentially putting us in danger for quite some time and it can be crucial to figure out how to remedy the situation and who may be held responsible.

New information confirms asbestos at building collapse site

Just last week, we wrote a post about the fatal and tragic building collapse in Philadelphia; and we wondered, just like many other North Carolina residents, if the building had asbestos inside. If so, the first responders to the tragedy would have been exposed as they lacked the necessary equipment to prevent them from breathing in the harmful material.

Teachers refuse to return to school citing asbestos fears

Imagine learning that not one but four of your co-workers have passed away from similar diseases. This would likely lead many people to be fearful that there is some sort of danger threatening others who share the same work space. In many cases, this is proven to be the case when asbestos is discovered inside a building.

Building owners improperly disposed of asbestos to save $14,000

Every day, there are many business decisions that are made in efforts to save money. Business owners want to cut costs and pull in as much profit as they can. Often times, these decisions have more to do with how a business is run, but sometimes they can have a clear and dangerous effect on workers.


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