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$1.6 Million verdict for asbestos in cosmetic talc affirmed

In a decision that could have ramifications for persons in North Carolina and other states, a New Jersey appellate court has affirmed a verdict of $1.6 million in favor of a man who was exposed to asbestos-containing cosmetic talc from his father's work clothing. The case is believed to be the first involving cosmetic talc.

New study documents life-long risk of contracting mesothelioma

Most people in North Carolina are aware that the causal relationship between exposure to asbestos and the lung cancer known as mesothelioma has long been a demonstrated medical fact. However, no one could say whether the risk of contracting mesothelioma lessens or perhaps disappears with the passage of time. This question has now been answered: A recent medical study has now shown that once a person is exposed to asbestos fibers, the risk of contracting mesothelioma never declines or disappears.

New study clarifies extent of asbestos exposure in causing cancer

A newly-released study provides much useful information for North Carolinians who may have been exposed to asbestos. In an article published in the Journal of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, two researchers found that the risk of contracting mesothelioma, lung cancer and laryngeal cancer increased as exposure to asbestos increased. The researchers also confirmed that the risk of contracting these types of cancers was higher for those persons with a smoking habit.

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