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Mesothelioma Lawyers on Proving the Source of Asbestos

Are you suffering from symptoms of mesothelioma? You may have been exposed decades ago, so proving the source of asbestos is a difficult task. An experienced attorney can fill in the blanks of your case to determine the cause of your disease and to identify liable parties.

At Wallace & Graham, P.A., we have the experience and resources to prove the source of asbestos exposure that led to mesothelioma or another asbestos-related disease. We work fast to get clients properly diagnosed and qualified for medical coverage. Call 888-698-9975 or contact us online for a free case evaluation.

What Was the Source of Your Asbestos Exposure?

In handling an asbestos litigation case, we must consider many questions in determining the source of asbestos exposure. Did you work at a power plant, chemical plant or engage in another at-risk occupation? Are you a Navy veteran who was exposed while on active duty? Were you exposed after coming into contact with the clothing of a loved one who had direct exposure to asbestos?

In handling your case, we will carefully examine your job history and other potential points of exposure in order to narrow down a list of potential liable parties. It could be that your former employer knew of the risks of asbestos exposure at your workplace, but failed to take safety measures. Your exposure may be due to the negligence of a product manufacturer.

Our lawyers have significant experience handling asbestos claims for clients from North Carolina, throughout the Southeast and nationwide. We apply a thorough investigative approach to each case, to help our clients obtain not only compensation, but answers.

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