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Friability issues and asbestos injuries

Perhaps you work in a North Carolina shipyard or on a railroad. You might also be one of thousands of people who work as a heavy machinery or auto mechanic, or in the construction or agricultural industry. There’s plenty of career diversity throughout the state. If...

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Asbestos exposure is not a thing of the past

When many people in North Carolina hear stories of illnesses caused by exposure to asbestos, they think how fortunate they are that asbestos danger is well behind us. After all, very few industries in the U.S. include asbestos in their products, and the government has...

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What items might you find that have asbestos?

Despite the common knowledge that asbestos is harmful and can lead to mesothelioma, it's still found in many products that are used in this country. It's imperative that everyone knows what products might contain it to stay safe. Ideally, individuals will completely...

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The greatest asbestos risks in an old home

Before the 1980s, asbestos was often used in home-building materials. These include things like asbestos tile and insulation. Since it was tough and fire-resistant, it seemed like a terrific material -- until it became clear that it could lead to deadly issues with...

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