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Vaping illnesses are a significant cause for concern

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2020 | Vaping |

Over the last several years, the vaping industry has expanded enormously, often using promotion that appears aimed at a very young audience. As studies begin to emerge about the impact of vaping, evidence indicates that the substances vapers consume is not only addictive, it may also lead to severe respiratory illness.

Unfortunately, vaping illnesses do not only happen to other people in other parts of the country, or the world. A teenager in Charleston recently filed suit against a vaping manufacturer after he suffered severe symptoms and received hospitalization. This is only one of many suits in recent months calling on vaping manufacturers to take responsibility for marketing addictive substances to teenagers.

What makes vaping so dangerous right now?

Protecting the health of children and teenagers is always important, for individual families and our communities at large. The stresses of coming of age are immense, and younger people are particularly vulnerable to developing addictions that may take years to break, if they ever break them at all.

Vaping is not only addictive, it is also potentially very dangerous. Unlike cigarettes, which carry immense long-term health risks for users, vaping can lead to a dangerous respiratory infection very quickly.

At times like these, when we all have increased concerns for keeping the ones we love safe and well, vaping may cause heightened risk for younger users. The peak of public awareness around the dangers of vaping likely occurred sometime in the summer of 2019, but many young users are continuing to use vaping products.

If you or someone you love uses vaping products and suffers a severe respiratory illness, you may be in significantly more danger over the upcoming months, as the world works together to fight against the coronavirus outbreak. Unfortunately, while we all work together to fight spreading sickness, many minors may turn to vaping to deal with increases in stress from isolation.

Building a strong claim

Protecting your rights from corporate overreach requires a strong legal strategy. Large companies like the ones that produce vaping products have strong legal teams that work to defend them, which can make a lawsuit against a large company seem daunting. Fortunately, users who have suffered severe consequences are turning the tide, and courts are beginning to recognize the danger of these products and the unjust practices of some of the parties that produce them.

If you believe that vaping caused your severe respiratory illness, you should begin building your legal strategy now. Be sure to use high-quality legal resources and guidance as you need them, ensuring that your rights remain secure while you pursue just compensation for your losses.