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February 2017 Archives

State plans audit of site where asbestos cleanup stagnated

In North Carolina and across the U.S., asbestos is a dangerous substance that was used in a variety of ways. When it is discovered, it must be cleared from the location in an appropriate manner. Unfortunately, that involves certain costs not just in cleaning it up, but it might frighten those who were previously interested in using the location for their own purposes. Given the risks for asbestos-related disease after asbestos exposure, it is important to keep track of areas that were found to have asbestos. Those who might have been exposed to the substance and became a victim of asbestosis and other health-related problems need to protect themselves by considering asbestos litigation against those responsible.

Legal help for former military members exposed to asbestos

There are many military veterans residing in North Carolina and those who served in branches that involve being stationed on a ship in years past might have been exposed to asbestos. Asbestos was a common substance used on ships and the military did not dispense with it nor disclose of the danger of it for a significant period, placing people in jeopardy. Since asbestos is a substance that is known to be dangerous and can cause asbestos-related disease, those who were affected or lost a loved one should be aware of their rights to seek compensation through a legal filing.

Asbestos discovery from former factory worries neighborhood

Asbestos has become known as a dangerous substance that can cause North Carolina residents and people all around the world to become ill and suffer asbestos-related death due to exposure to it. While many people are afflicted with a fatal asbestos-related disease after the work they did, there are also cases in which they were exposed to it in their homes or schools. If there is illness and wrongful death from asbestos, it is important to know how to pursue compensation through asbestos litigation.

Asbestos victims get $25 million settlement

Most defendants in cases involving asbestos exposure are private corporations that mined or used asbestos in the many products that contained the hazardous mineral. In any case, the state of Montana agreed to pay $25 million to settle a product liability case brought by more than 100 people who lived in the tiny town of Libby.


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