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April 2016 Archives

Ex-Navy employee awarded $17 million in asbestos death case

In a case that will have echoes in the shipyards in North Carolina and elsewhere on the east coast, a jury in Arizona awarded $17 million to the family of a former civilian employee of the United States Navy who alleged that he suffered fatal asbestos exposure while he worked in the Norfolk Naval Yard in Virginia.

Judge denies Honeywell motion to dismiss asbestos claims

One of the most common defense tactics employed by defendants in claims based on exposure to asbestos is to ask the court to grant summary judgment in their favor. Such a motion is based upon the argument that all material facts have been (or can be) resolved prior to the motion and that the plaintiff has no viable claim. A North Carolina federal judge rejected this strategy in a recent case against Honeywell, Inc., ruling that a product liability lawsuit brought by the widow of a former filling station employee has enough evidentiary support to necessitate a trial.

How does asbestos cause cancer?

Many people in North Carolina and elsewhere know that asbestos can cause several forms of lung disease, including an especially deadly type of cancer known as "mesothelioma." But how, exactly, does this material get into people's lungs? And how does it cause a disease to develop.

Asbestos and lung disease

This blog has repeatedly commented on the undeniable link between certain kinds of lung disease and exposure to asbestos fibers. Nevertheless, most people in North Carolina do not understand the different kinds of diseases that can be caused by asbestos. The following five conditions all are caused by exposure to asbestos-containing products.

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