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Negligent asbestos removal companies put workers in danger

Making money and generating a profit is generally the top priority for business owners. They want to find cost-effective solutions and save money where they can. However, some employers take this desire to make money to dangerous levels by engaging in practices that end up putting their workers and others in danger of getting hurt or sick. 

This is not uncommon for people who own and operate asbestos-removal companies. Despite the knowledge that their business is dependent on removing toxic materials, the owners of too many of these abatement companies are irresponsible in protecting their own workers. By cutting corners and hiring non-certified asbestos removal employees, company owners are putting workers and many other people in danger. 

Because of how dangerous asbestos exposure is, removal of asbestos-containing materials must be done by certified experts. People who are properly trained in this area know that they must handle asbestos very carefully and dispose of it in an environmentally-friendly and lawful manner. They also understand that they need to protect themselves and others in the area from breathing in any friable asbestos by wearing protective gear. However, companies who are trying to cut corners to make money often fail to properly hire, train, inform and protect workers who will be removing asbestos.

Although there are organizations tasked with fining or citing companies that improperly remove asbestos from homes and buildings, these solutions do little, if anything, to address the toll that the unsafe practices have on workers. And the penalties generally come long after the damage has already been done to a person's health. It is often left up to the worker to pursue workers' compensation benefits or a third-party negligence claim if it is discovered that he or she has been exposed to asbestos on the job. Working with an attorney can make this process easier for victims to secure the financial support they deserve. 

Source: phillyBurbs.com, "EPA battles illegal actions with asbestos," Freda R. Savana, Sept. 2, 2013

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