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May 2013 Archives

Study looks at why only some countries ban asbestos

Many people have seen the devastation of diseases that are caused or exacerbated by exposure to asbestos. After lying dormant for decades, asbestos-related diseases often start showing symptoms long after a person can protect themselves from being exposed. By the time a person is diagnosed with mesothelioma, asbestosis or other similar disease, it can be too late for treatment to be effective and little can be done to help victims. 

Oklahoma tornadoes stir up asbestos concerns

People all across the country have been focused on the devastation that was recently caused by tornadoes that tore through parts of Oklahoma. People were injured and killed as the terrifying storms pummeled the state for hours, leaving a trail of devastation behind. After these natural disasters, it is important for people to focus on staying safe and healthy as the process of rebuilding and cleanup begins.

Report: Unsafe building, asbestos poses threat to residents

The owners of a building and employers have a responsibility to make sure a property is safe for employees, tenants and visitors. This means that they must comply with state or federal safety regulations and they must deal with any hazards or violations in an appropriate manner. When a property owner does not take this responsibility seriously, people can get injured or sick. In many of these cases, it can be appropriate to file a premises liability claim.

Exhibit dedicated to victims of asbestos exposure at plant

It can be very frustrating and stressful to get injured or sick at work. Not only can it affect a person's ability to continue working, but certain conditions can end up taking a horrific toll on a person's health. In many cases, it is possible for people in this situation to apply for workers' compensation benefits in order to cover the costs of lost wages or medical bills. 

Mesothelioma victim awarded compensation

By the time that many people learn that they have developed a devastating illness related to asbestos exposure, they may be retired and workplace illnesses are the last things on their minds. Many victims are also parents and grandparents when they are diagnosed with a disease such as mesothelioma, which means that many people are affected by the tragic news. 

Wife dies years after washing husband's asbestos-covered clothes

One of the things that people likely do not always realize about asbestos exposure is that it is not always direct. People may generally think that if they have never worked with asbestos or held it in their hands that they have not been exposed to asbestos. Sadly, this is not true. In some cases, the victims of an asbestos-related wrongful death have only been indirectly exposed to a fiber that ultimately causes fatal and devastating illnesses.

Portable device detects airborne asbestos

For decades, asbestos was widely used in products that are still found in people's homes and office buildings today. While the hazards associated with asbestos exposure were not immediately known, by the time it was discovered that asbestos can be deadly, hundreds of thousands of people had been exposed. Sadly, many people continue to be exposed to asbestos without even realizing it, which can end up being fatal. There are a number of characteristics of asbestos that make it an extremely dangerous product to use in materials.


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