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November 2012 Archives

67 companies may have helped cause man's mesothelioma

A man and his wife have filed a lawsuit claiming that as many as 67 different companies may have contributed towards causing his development of mesothelioma through exposing him to toxic asbestos over his working lifetime. The man worked as an auto mechanic at one company, and also did construction work while employed by another company involved in building residences. The personal injury lawsuit also notes that he was, at times, a laborer or helper at a steel mill facility, and repaired and maintained equipment and trucks used by a timber company.

Lawsuit: Railroad workers exposed to asbestos

For many years, asbestos was commonly used in various locomotive parts because of its heat-resistant properties. Certain parts on trains, such as the brakes, generate so much heat during operation that asbestos was used through the 1980s to protect other parts. However, when asbestos-containing parts on these trains begin to wear down and deteriorate, the asbestos can be released into the air and is then breathed in by any of the workers nearby.

Logging being considered for asbestos-covered forest trees

Long after a mine or company has closed down, those that contained or manufactured asbestos continue to put residents in the area in danger. Whether they improperly disposed of unsold or unused asbestos or their cleanup efforts fell short of expectations, there can still be a risk of developing an asbestos-related disease.

Repair workers exposed to asbestos on the job

We have discussed the fact that asbestos has been used for several decades in many materials. While most people have stopped using the dangerous product, it does not mean that workers are safe from coming into contact with it. In fact, companies all across the country continue to repair, demolish and reconstruct buildings that contain asbestos. Many of these companies also continue to put their own workers in danger of developing various illnesses, including mesothelioma.

Company busted for mishandling asbestos

It should not be a huge surprise to property owners that they are responsible for maintaining a safe and hazard-free space. Property owners in North Carolina and elsewhere can garner civil penalties in a premises liability lawsuit if hazards on their property harm another person.

Are talc products as dangerous asbestos products?

We often discuss the dangers that asbestos exposure can have on victims on this blog. The risks of asbestos have been known for decades, yet people are still developing illnesses and dying from other people's negligence with using the fiber in products. In many cases, victims have been able to file product liability claims against manufacturers who are held responsible for the damage that their products can do to consumers.

Delayed impact of asbestos killing many victims

While federal regulations have limited employees' ongoing exposure to toxic asbestos in the workplace, the impact of earlier laxity lingers on. In North Carolina and elsewhere, asbestos exposure still is a killer causing wrongful death and devastating illnesses including cancers and respiratory ailments.

Hurricane Sandy stirs up asbestos across the East coast

People across the country have been affected by the recent devastation that Hurricane Sandy caused. Besides the power outages and flooding that is still affecting residents immediately, some people may be facing consequences of the hurricane decades from now. According to recent reports, Hurricane Sandy has swept up and destroyed many buildings containing asbestos, which may put residents in danger of becoming exposed to the toxic substance.

Home renovator accused of improper asbestos removal

A man engaged in the renovation of three separate homes has been accused of improper removal and storage of asbestos containing material found in the residences. A lawsuit, filed in state court against him, seeks to impose penalties as steep as $25,000 a day for violations of a clean air law. Improper handling of asbestos in North Carolina and elsewhere has often resulted in serious personal injury or illness, with some contracting serious respiratory ailments or cancer as a consequence.


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