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September 2012 Archives

Former Navy man ill from asbestos

A man who served in the Navy for four years, from 1965 through 1969, and later worked 38 years in a powerhouse at a university, says he is now seriously ill as a result of prolonged exposure to asbestos over the years. He has filed a federal lawsuit against 30 different companies he accuses of responsibility for that exposure. Many people have become ill from asbestos exposure in North Carolina and throughout the nation and have sought some measure of help from those responsible through lawsuits and workers' compensation claims.

If asbestos is found, work should stop

Too often, workers have been exposed to asbestos without their knowledge. Years later, these same workers may learn that they have developed a deadly form of cancer that is the result of breathing in asbestos fibers. Going back and tracking employment to uncover possible exposure sources can be difficult, but it is crucial if a person chooses to pursue compensation from negligent property owners.

Company's demand for autopsy rights denied

A man is suing a number of companies for causing his mesothelioma by exposing him to asbestos. In an unprecedented move, one of the companies involved in the personal injury lawsuit asked the trial judge to grant an order authorizing the company to conduct an autopsy on the man, believing that he might die before trial.

Canada finally agrees to designate asbestos as hazardous material

The Canadian government has made an important concession recently that will likely have a worldwide impact. Until 2003, Canada was responsible for the production of about one-third of all the asbestos in the world. Because of this position, the Canadian government previously opposed the move to officially add asbestos to an international list of hazardous materials.

On premises liability: Colleges need to keep their buildings safe

North Carolina colleges need to ensure that their buildings are safe for students and staff alike. Asbestos in buildings is a serious safety hazard that can lead to a premises liability lawsuit. Asbestos can cause life-threatening health problems, including respiratory conditions and some types of cancers, for those people who are exposed to the toxic substance.

OSHA cites 7 remodeling companies for asbestos violations

One of the most upsetting things about asbestos exposure is that companies continue to be negligent with it comes to protecting others. We have used this blog to discuss the severe penalties for companies that violated asbestos regulations decades ago, which is why it is so discouraging to hear about an employer who continues to skirt the responsibility to keep workers safe.

Mesothelioma patient files lawsuit against company, wins

A West coast worker who suffers from lung disease mesothelioma has won an important legal victory, which could have federal implications for employees in North Carolina and elsewhere. The ruling in the personal injury case, which was handed down by a California court, prevents the Lorillard Tobacco Company from delaying civil actions by attempting to transfer the case to federal court, according to media reports.

Great-grandfather receives six-figure sum for asbestos exposure

Receiving a diagnosis of mesothelioma or another asbestos-related cancer can be devastating. Often times, adults are grown with children and even grandchildren when they learn they were exposed to the toxic fiber decades ago.


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