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August 2012 Archives

Chinese cars recalled for asbestos in exhausts, engines

Great Wall Motor and Chery Automobile, two major car companies in China, recently announced that they had to recall at least 23,000 trucks and cars because it was discovered that there wasbestos present in the vehicles' exhaust gaskets and engines. The recall, for now, is limited to vehicles shipped to Australia, with no indication whether any such contaminated products were sold in North Carolina or elsewhere in the United States.  The company's recall order may have been motivated by a well-founded fear of the possibility of product liability claims from exposure to the toxic substance, which can cause respiratory problems and various forms of cancer.

Study: Exposure to blue asbestos raises risk of non-lung cancers

Asbestos has been a worldwide problem for decades. While some countries have not banned the toxic substance, the dangers associated with exposure to asbestos are now generally well-known. Like those in the United States, victims of exposure across the world are suffering from mesothelioma, a lung cancer, and other diseases as a result of their contact with asbestos.

Injured NFL player does qualify for workers' compensation coverage

Tom Tupa was a longtime punter in the NFL whose name may ring a bell to North Carolina football fans. Back in 2005, he suffered a back injury while warming up for a pre-season football game. After punting the ball, he landed awkwardly. He immediately felt a sharp pain his lower back. He needed medical treatment during which he described a jarring sensation. Though he received medication for the pain, he never fully recovered from the injury he suffered that day.

Premises liability question arises in toddler's church day care death

In general, day-care centers in North Carolina run by religious organizations may have protections that other day-care providers do not based upon the separation of church and state. This means that faith-based day care providers normally do not have to comply with safety regulations that are required in order to keep children safe.

Property contaminated with asbestos extremely dangerous

Buying property contaminated with asbestos can be an extremely dangerous and costly experience for residents of North Carolina and elsewhere. In one recent instance, property purchasers filed a lawsuit claiming that they were tricked and defrauded by the prior owners into buying property laced with the toxic substance, failing to disclose its known presence.

Who is responsible for asbestos warnings?

One of the most frustrating aspects of dealing with an asbestos-related disease, such as mesothelioma, can be determining who is responsible for contact with the dangerous product. In many cases, it can be argued that an employer has been negligent for allowing workers to come in contact with asbestos without proper warnings. But what about the manufacturer of a product that is designed to come into contact with asbestos? Should that party be held liable as well?

Mining company at fault in worker's wrongful death

In what may seem like a landmark victory for mine and factory workers exposed to toxic chemicals, a company has been found 100 percent liable for a worker's exposure to asbestos fibers and his ultimate death from mesothelioma. The company is responsible for a $2.86 million award to the worker's family. However, this case illustrates the plight of mine and factory workers in North Carolina and throughout the United States, as millions of these workers over the last several decades have been unknowingly exposed to asbestos, and many of them eventually will suffer the ravages of this swift and deadly disease.

New device may be able to detect mesothelioma early

Mesothelioma is, undoubtedly, a devastating disease. About 20,000 people die every year from malignant mesothelioma, and one of the most tragic traits of this disease is that it can take years to detect. However, researchers are optimistic about a new device that may make it easier to identify malignant mesothelioma in early stages.

10 years in prison for man who illegally removed asbestos

Unlicensed asbestos-removal companies across the country may want to pay attention to the sentence recently imposed on a man who was convicted of exposing people to asbestos. The 59-year old man owned and operated a company that performed illegal and dangerous asbestos removal and disposal projects.


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