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February 2012 Archives

Family of Virginia mesothelioma victim awarded over $9 million

Shipyards used to be common places to find asbestos in products. Shipbuilders previously manufactured parts using asbestos because it the fiber is heat-resistant and inexpensive. However, in many cases, it wasn't until it was too late that the dangers of asbestos exposure were realized. Employers at these locations are now being sued for the wrongful deaths of many former employees.

Products with asbestos mistakenly accepted at nonhazardous site

Handling materials that contain asbestos properly is very important. Many demolition or waste companies have procedures in place that ensure the materials are handled safely and properly. When these procedures do not exist, however, people may unknowingly mishandle dangerous products that contain asbestos.

Plant worker discovers asbestos at water pumping plant

A worker engaged in routine maintenance activities at a water pumping plant in Bakersfield, California discovered asbestos there. Exposure to asbestos is extremely dangerous and can be fatal, causing a variety of types of personal injury and illness, including mesothelioma and other types of cancer.

Protecting workers who remove asbestos

There are a number of accredited businesses in North Carolina who specialize in removing asbestos from a property. It is up to property owners to have asbestos properly removed by a legitimate, trained group of people to keep people safe. However, it is up to companies to make sure employees are properly trained in asbestos removal. If they are not, workers can be fatally exposed to asbestos and may have cause to file a worker's compensation case. In some areas around the country, additional steps are being taken to protect these workers.

Jury divides money in asbestos settlement among split family

A jury has made a final decision in the division of more than $443,000 in settlement benefits from a 1990s asbestos lawsuit. The division of funds was complicated by several family splits, which prompted official review of beneficiaries in this wrongful death case.

Legislative delay allows continued exposure to toxic material

We have explored the dangers associated with exposure to asbestos in detail. The risks of exposure have led to a ban on the substance in most materials, but the threat of contact with the fiber still exists. Primarily, asbestos exists in manufacturing and construction materials that were made prior to the 1980s. When buildings are renovated or torn down, the chance that asbestos will be released into the air can be quite high.

Navy veteran with mesothelioma awarded $32 million

After spending 30 years in the Navy working as a boiler tender and fireman, one man developed mesothelioma. He filed a lawsuit for his substantial pain and suffering that resulted from the disease, and was recently awarded $32 million.

Two men indicted for asbestos contamination

A homeowner hired a heating contractor to replace the boiler in a rental property he owned. During the project, neither of the men followed proper procedure for removal of asbestos - a dangerous material. Additionally, neither of the men notified the Department of Environmental Protection when the asbestos was being removed.


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