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January 2012 Archives

Permanent residents at Chelsea Hotel exposed to asbestos

For decades, the Chelsea Hotel in New York City has been a popular landmark attraction. It is known for housing epic writers and thinkers from Mark Twain to Bob Dylan to Madonna throughout history. Previously, the site was shared by both permanent and temporary residents but now only houses long-term residents who have been protected by rent regulations.

Property owners ordered to pay damages for asbestos violations

The dangers of asbestos exposure have been known for several years. Companies generally stopped using the toxic substance about 30 years ago when the link to several lung cancers was discovered. Besides employees who unknowingly handled asbestos before then, a number of people have been exposed at their own home. A judge recently ordered property owners of a low-income apartment complex to pay $60,000 in damages after failing to comply with a number of asbestos requirements.

Former workers at insulation plant may have handled asbestos

After an inspection of a former insulation manufacturing site turned up asbestos, authorities are trying to find former employees to inform them of the discovery. The manufacturer was in operation for decades. During that time, a number of employees were exposed to the harmful substance. Former employees who developed cancer as a result of their employment at the company may decide to file a worker's compensation claim against the company.

Wife sues 19 companies for her husband's wrongful death

People may be exposed to asbestos without ever working in a job that directly exposes a person to asbestos. In some cases, a person can be exposed if a family member worked around the toxic material. It can be common that people who worked in certain dustries carried asbestos particles home with them. Inhaling these particles can cause the wrongful death of an employee or one of his or her family members.

Arts center expansion halted over possible asbestos contamination

When we think of our local fine arts center, we imagine a beautiful painting or moving concert that we might have seen while visiting. Dealing with an asbestos contamination is probably not the first connection we make with a fine arts center. However, construction crews have found asbestos while expanding an Idaho arts building.

Asbestos detected in wood chips

Over the years, a town in Montana has suffered the devastating effects of asbestos exposure. The town has spent over $370 million on cleaning up the toxic materials, and the project is still years from completion. About 400 people have died and 1,750 have been sickened as a result of the toxic exposure to asbestos.

Report: EPA exhibits unsafe techniques in asbestos removal

The process of removing asbestos from a building can be very dangerous. The fact that asbestos can easily be disturbed and inhaled makes the protocol for the removal of it quite stringent. While many cases of personal injuries that are sustained after asbestos exposure can be linked to improper removal techniques, even the most cautious companies can still expose workers to the toxic fiber.

Historic ruling in favor of asbestosis victim dismissed

The process of litigation can be quite emotional. When a person is also suffering from a fatal disease, it can be even more so. A man who has been involved in a dramatic lawsuit against his former employer has certainly had his ups and downs. The victim was initially awarded $322 million in damages after he developed asbestosis on the job. However, the ruling was dismissed after the original judge was removed from the case.

Asbestos can still be lingering in old homes

Old houses are not only abundant in North Carolina, but throughout the country, and substances used to build those homes have the potential to cause lung diseases and mesothelioma. Now, it is being recommended home owners should check their place of residence and make sure there is no risk of dealing with a potential premises liability.

Man suing 199 companies for his father's wrongful death

In previous posts, we have taken a closer look at industries in which people may be exposed to asbestos. When a person develops a fatal lung disease such as mesothelioma, an investigation may take place to determine where or how he or she may have had contact with asbestos.


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