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December 2011 Archives

Mesothelioma cancer research offers hope

A recently published research report offers hope to patients suffering from mesothelioma and other lung diseases which so often cause wrongful death. In it, cancer researchers from the University of Pennsylvania indicate that they have achieved a breakthrough in discovering a type of cold virus which mobilizes a person's immune system to combat mesothelioma cancer and a few other types of cancer when injected into the body.

Improper disposal of asbestos violates federal Clean Air Act

In past weeks, we have discussed those who have been victims of asbestos exposure on the job. Whether they are firefighters or construction workers, many people have developed lung cancer after being exposed to the toxic fiber, due primarily to their line of work. However, another significant cause of exposure can be linked to improper disposal of asbestos.

"Astronomical" levels of asbestos discovered in fire house

One of the industries where workers can be exposed to asbestos, a toxic fiber, is firefighting. Asbestos was commonly used in sulation and plumbing materials up until the 1980s so during a fire, firefighters can be exposed to a number of these materials. This can be especially true if the fire is in an older building. However, a recent discovery brought the dangers of asbestos a little too close to home for some firefighters.

"Wet" demolition method may threaten health and safety

We have recently discussed a number of developments in the removal of asbestos, such as pipe bursting. Business and property owners are aware of the danger that can be caused by exposure to asbestos, so removal of the fiber must be done responsibly. Since the removal can be quite costly, some business owners look to new methods to save some money. However, the newer methods of removal are frequently unsuccessful. A process called the "wet" method is no exception.

"Non-asbestos-containing" products actually contain asbestos

In some industries, it is not rare to work around products that may contain asbestos. Construction materials, plumbing and heating supplies, car brakes, and household cleaners have contained asbestos at some point. Once the dangers of exposure to asbestos were known, many products were pulled from the market to protect consumers.

New method for dealing with underground asbestos concrete pipe

A Florida-based contractor has proposed a new method of replacing existing asbestos concrete water and sewer pipes. Such underground pipes are a major health hazard, as exposure to asbestos can lead to the development of asbestosis, mesothelioma and other lung diseases, culminating in wrongful death.

Asbestos-removal company defies court order to protect employees

The removal of asbestos from a building can be a costly and dangerous necessity. Buildings that are found to have asbestos can cause harm to those who live or work inside, so it must be removed responsibly. Many people will hire an asbestos-removal company to dispose of the toxic material. It was recently discovered, however, that an employer at one of these removal companies has knowingly exposed vulnerable employees to asbestos.

Risk of asbestos exposure higher in certain occupations

When people head out to work, they likely have the reasonable expectation that they are going to be working in a safe environment. In some North Carolina professions, however, employees may have had constant contact with asbestos. If someone is suffering from a disease caused by workplace asbestos exposure, he or she may have a workers' compensation disability claim.


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