Recent Verdicts On Behalf Of Cancer Victims

Is the talc in certain baby powders and other hygiene products really so dangerous? Yes. A string of recent cases illustrates the very real health problems that women have suffered from using talcum powder over the course of many years.

Here are a few recent verdicts and settlements:

  • $417 million verdict – In August 2017, a Los Angeles jury awarded the largest talc-related verdict in history. The victim, a woman named Eva Echeverria, contracted ovarian cancer from using Johnson & Johnson's baby powder for more than 50 years.
  • $110.5 million verdict – In May 2017, a jury in St. Louis, Missouri, awarded Lois Slemp with this nine-figure verdict. Ms. Slemp was diagnosed with cancer in 2012, after using Johnson & Johnson's baby powder for more than four decades.
  • $72 million, $70.1 million and $55 million verdicts – In 2016, St. Louis juries awarded eight-figure verdicts to three women developed ovarian cancer: Jackie Fox, Deborah Giannecchini and Gloria Ristesund.

More Than A Thousand Lawsuits Have Been Filed So Far

The very first person to bring a talcum powder lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson was a woman named Deane Berg from South Dakota. She received a verdict in 2013. Since then, more than 1,000 cancer patients and their families have filed lawsuits alleging that the cancer was caused by using talcum powder products. Some of these cases have been won, some have been dismissed by the courts, and others are still in progress.

The important thing to realize is that you're not alone. You may be tempted to think that your ovarian cancer is an anomaly, and that it isn't connected to your baby powder use. Don't assume so. Get real answers about your situation.

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