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Legal help for former military members exposed to asbestos

There are many military veterans residing in North Carolina and those who served in branches that involve being stationed on a ship in years past might have been exposed to asbestos. Asbestos was a common substance used on ships and the military did not dispense with it nor disclose of the danger of it for a significant period, placing people in jeopardy. Since asbestos is a substance that is known to be dangerous and can cause asbestos-related disease, those who were affected or lost a loved one should be aware of their rights to seek compensation through a legal filing.

People who joined the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Marines or were in the Merchant Marine all might have been exposed. The idea of joining the service in any branch is to give something back. That decision might have led to people being made sick after exposure to asbestos. It is possible that those who were exposed will have asbestosis, mesothelioma, or lung cancer. Since these diseases are nearly impossible to treat effectively, those who suffer from them will know their time is short and their fate is essentially sealed. That, however, does not mean they are not entitled to compensation for what they were exposed to in the course of their service.

Asbestos discovery from former factory worries neighborhood

Asbestos has become known as a dangerous substance that can cause North Carolina residents and people all around the world to become ill and suffer asbestos-related death due to exposure to it. While many people are afflicted with a fatal asbestos-related disease after the work they did, there are also cases in which they were exposed to it in their homes or schools. If there is illness and wrongful death from asbestos, it is important to know how to pursue compensation through asbestos litigation.

The discovery of what was once an asbestos shingles factory in Davidson has led to residents in that neighborhood becoming concerned about their exposure to it. One woman stated that she saw signs of asbestos in the mud after it has rained. She suffered from lung cancer five years ago and is of the belief that it was due to the factory and its asbestos. The Department of Environmental Quality stated that trees and vegetation in the area were found to have been exposed to the substance and were therefore being removed.

Asbestos victims get $25 million settlement

Most defendants in cases involving asbestos exposure are private corporations that mined or used asbestos in the many products that contained the hazardous mineral. In any case, the state of Montana agreed to pay $25 million to settle a product liability case brought by more than 100 people who lived in the tiny town of Libby.

Libby has the unfortunate distinction of being located next to one of the largest vermiculite mines in the world. While vermiculite itself is not harmful to humans, the vermiculite in the Libby mine was contaminated with large amounts of asbestos fibers. The mining operation released large quantities of asbestos fibers into the atmosphere. The plaintiffs in the suit that was recently settled alleged that the state knew of the health hazard posed by the vermiculite mine but intentionally suppressed and concealed the evidence. Five years ago, the state paid $43 million to 1,000 plaintiffs in another product liability lawsuit that was based on the identical allegations of a state cover-up.

Redevelopment proposal stirs fears of asbestos

This blog has written repeatedly about how the redevelopment or demolition of older buildings stirs up fears of releasing asbestos fibers into the environment. In a large number of these projects, the asbestos is a component of pipe insulation, fireproofing or floor and ceiling tiles, and the asbestos can easily be contained and disposed of. Now, a redevelopment proposal in Davidson, North Carolina has stirred neighbors' fears of asbestos product exposure for a very good reason: the building proposed for demolition was used as an asbestos factory from 1930 to 1960.

The building was constructed in 1890 and used as a cotton mill until 1930. From 1930 to 1960, the building housed the Carolina Asbestos Company. The building served as a factory for the manufacture of asbestos fabric, tiles and shingles. According to long-time residents of the area, the factory workers threw asbestos waste into a ditch next to the factory.

Mesothelioma: warning signs and treatment

Three types of vascular diseases are associated with exposure to asbestos fibers: asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer. Of the three, mesothelioma is the one most likely to be fatal. In this post, we will examine the warning signs for mesothelioma and summarize types of treatment.

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that occurs in the mesothelium, the thin tissue that covers most of a person's internal organs. The tissue that covers the lungs is called the pleura, and the tissue that covers other abdominal organs is the peritoneum. Pleural mesothelioma is more common than peritoneal mesothelioma. Symptoms of pleural mesothelioma include chest pain, painful coughing, shortness of breath, unusual lumps under the skin and unexplained weight loss. Exposure to airborne asbestos fibers has been identified as the primary risk factor for pleural mesothelioma. These fibers are released into the air during mining or manufacturing operations or when asbestos-containing products are cut, machined or broken up. The disease may take anywhere from 20 to 40 years to develop active symptoms.

Study shows pre-adolescent asbestos exposure causes lung damage

Even though the health hazards of exposure to asbestos fibers have been the subject of many scientific studies, the subject is still prompting additional research. A new study concerning the exposure to asbestos fibers during the pre-adolescent years demonstrates again that asbestos and asbestos product exposure damages the lungs.

The study focused on 198 people who had lived in Libby, MT until age 18 and then moved away. Libby was chosen because it is the site of an asbestos mine operated by W.R. Grace for many years. The purpose of the study was to measure the effects of asbestos exposure on otherwise healthy adolescents who had no known exposure to the mineral after they reached adulthood. The participants in the study had reached the average age of 50.

Proving the source of asbestos in a product liability case

People who believe that they may have been exposed to asbestos often wonder how the sources of the asbestos can be determined. After all, asbestos was produced and used by a large number of companies before the health risks became widely known. Nevertheless, lawyers who specialize in representing persons who have experienced asbestos product exposure and who suffer from one or more asbestos-caused illnesses have a number of methods of answering this question.

The first task for the lawyer is to obtain a complete work history from the client. Certain industries and occupations are widely known to have exposed workers to asbestos fibers. Ships made before 1970 contained large amounts of asbestos, and Navy veterans and shipyard workers are likely to have been exposed to asbestos fibers. Steam fitters and construction workers also have high asbestos exposure rates. Auto mechanics were exposed to asbestos fibers every time they worked on a car's clutch or brakes. Many other occupations caused extensive asbestos product exposure for a large number of workers.

Medical procedure can measure asbestos exposure and disease risk

One of the principal difficulties in treating people for asbestos exposure and asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma is the long time that elapses between initial exposure and the appearance of active symptoms. The length of time necessary to find active symptoms of mesothelioma prompted medical researchers at the University Hospital Vall d'Hebron in Barcelona to study the utility of using a well-known medical procedure, bronchoalveolar lavage, in detecting asbestos exposure.

Bronchoalveolar lavage involves irrigating the patient's bronchi with a saline solution that allows doctors to measure the amount of asbestos fibers in the lung tissue. The researchers collected bronchoalveolar lavage samples from 72 patients who were undergoing bronchoscopies. The patients were mostly men who were an average of 66 years old. Lung tissue was collected from 23 of these patients.

Quebec town tries to leave name in the past

This blog has told many stories about victims of asbestos and of the diseases that it causes, but one victim is struggling to survive a different kind of illness: the effects of its name. Much of the asbestos that has caused illness and death in the United States and all over the world was mined in southern Quebec, and the town at the center of the mining operations adopted the name of the mineral that appeared to have created a never-ending stream of prosperity. Now, the town of Asbestos, Quebec is trying to escape the consequences of its unfortunate name.

The hazards of exposure to asbestos-containing products are widely known in the industrial world. Almost every person knows to some degree that asbestos is a toxic substance that causes lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma. The reputation of asbestos the mineral has now been transferred to Asbestos the town. One resident, who had worked as a geologist at the mine in Asbestos, recounted stories of the many negative reactions he received while traveling in Europe when he revealed the name of his home town.

Securing compensation in a work-related death action

For some workers in North Carolina, it is necessary to work within a high-risk environment. While it is not always safe for the health and wellbeing for some employees, working within these industries is important for society. Additionally, they can be very rewarding for those working in them. While it is apparent that these positions come with them certain risks for illnesses, employees often do not consider developing a fatal asbestos disease from the work environment.

The loss of a loved one is a tough event to navigate through. At the Law Offices of Wallace & Graham, our experienced legal team understands the difficulties families experience after a loved one has perished due to asbestos-related cancer. Thus, we are devoted to helping loved ones not only move past this tragic event but also help them claim the benefits and compensation owed to them.

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